Tuesday, February 27, 2007

American Idol - top 10 men/boys/guys

Let's break it on down:

Phil Stacy - Why do I like this guy? Because he's a pastor's kid? Mmm, I don't think so. I do wish he would go back to wearing a cap - sorry! It's just a tad unnerving. OK, so the first line made me perk up my ears - it was really good. Then, from there until the chorus it was semi-shaky. The bridge and ending was really good. His tone is so, so nice. And I just found out that his dad apparently pastors a church here in Hendersonville. Who knew?

Jarod Cotter - This guy was much better this week. His song - though overdone - was a better pick for him. However, he was a little boring with it... unless you were looking right at him. The guy is cute, and that will get him down the road easier than his voice.

AJ Tabaldo - He has really surprised me! He's so expressive with his voice and has close to immaculate pitch. Thank you, AJ!!!! He did "Feeling Good" and absolutely made it is own, which is not an easy task. I would buy his CD. I'll just say that right now.

Sanjaya - I can say with some certainty that Sanjaya is going home. When you're 17, for heaven's sake, don't keep doing songs that make you seem 85 yrs old. This dude has a good voice - he is on pitch and has a great tone - but he has proven 2 weeks in a row that he can't pick the right songs.

Chris Sligh - Not my favorite song... but still one of my favorite singers. I like his confidence and I like his voice. He was very subdued this week - no wisecracks. I miss the wisecracks! Bring them back!

Nick Pedro - I just love Nick's voice. His stage presence - or lack of - KILLED me last week. He literally looked like a wet dish rag. ANYWHO... he completely redeemed himself this week. I loved his voice on this song. His tone makes me melt. (Not in THAT way... get your mind outta the gutter. I'm speaking musically.)

Blake Lewis - Hands down, he's the best. No one can touch him. Simon's an idiot on this one. Even if it was a carbon copy of Jamiroquai's Jason Kay, he's one of 2 - maybe 3 - guys on the show that could even pull THAT off. I like him. And for the record, he's made me start liking beat-boxing. Never thought I'd say that.

[side note - Paula looks better this week. I can see her eyes.]

Brandon Rogers - I don't think this was the best song for him. I love love love the song, and it has become quite the popular song to cover of late. However, for him, he needed something more. Come on, Brandon. Kick it up a notch. Simon, you're a butt tonight. I wanted to use another word, but I know Aaron will read this.

Chris Richardson - Hmmm, Chris must not have read my blog from last week. I suggested that he keep the mic in front of his mouth while he's bopping around. He had trouble again this week with that. What he DIDN'T have trouble with, however, was rockin it out to Jason Mraz. After seeing his performance, I have to say that he actually did better than Blake. For tonight's purposes only, I put him in 1st place. Nice.

Sundance Head - I really liked him in the first audition. Did I say that last week? Anyway... I think... ok, we had Bo 2 years ago... we had Taylor last year. This year, it's not about the rockers. Sorry. You're good at what you do. But it's about Blake, Chris R, Chris S and AJ this year. Maybe even Brandon if he can shake it off.

For this week, here are my standings:
1) Chris Richards
2) Blake Lewis
3) AJ Tabaldo
4) Nick Pedro
5) Jarod Cotter
6) Chris Sligh
7) Phil Stacey
8) Brandon Rogers
9) Sundance Head
10) Sanjaya Malakar
This does not reflect my overall view on the men.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Now for the ladies...

Let's just get on with it...

Stephanie Edwards - I LOVED her song - my man Prince! I think she is a true performer and will go far in this competition.

Amy Krebs -I have liked this girl from the first audition. She has some pitch problems, but I liked her take on the song - a song which has been sung to DEATH... but it wasn't too bad. I think Simon was too hard on her.

Leslie - There is always one contestant that irks me each year. There is someting about her that just does. She did ok, but just ok. I don't know what Simon was trying to say to her... but she definitely has no business singing Aretha.

Sabrina Sloan - Wow, this girl can sing. Great tone. Great control. Great stage presence. I loved her from the start. She doesn't disappoint. One of my faves.

[side note - I do think Ryan Seacrest provoked Simon at the beginning of the show. He was actually in a good mood for once, and Ryan just kept pushing. There is something strange going on between the two of them.]

Antonella - She is beautiful, but I just don't think she has the experience needed to get her through to the top 12. I think the first few bars were surprisingly good - I liked the style. I think she will get votes because of her looks, and I think she just has to grow a lot more and she will end up being a good singer someday.

Jordin Sparks - I really like this girl. She did a great job mixing it up a little and getting rid of her "sugary" image. Very exciting. She will go far, if America has a brain.

Nicole - I can honestly say I do not remember her at all. When she started her performance, I almost choked - she was that bad... and weird. Her lower register was just bad and strange. Her upper register was fabu! She has confidence, I'll give her that.

Haley Scarnado - What I remember of this girl from Hollywood was that she was just ok. I don't "love" her voice, ya know? Her song choice made me want to puke, but oddly enough it was very well-suited for her. She s very theatric, which I hate in pop music. And let's be honest - AI is pop.

Melinda Doolittle - Go Melinda, go! She did Aretha and Tennessee proud. What a performer she is. She seems so sweet, too... not that being sweet will win the competition. Ha!

[Once again, what in the world is going on with Paula's hair???]

Alaina Alexander - This girl is so cute. She started out so bad on her performance, and didn't get much better. She didn't have the breath support or stamina to get past her nerves. It was really out of tune.

Gina Glockson - There is something about her that irks me... but one thing I will say for her is that her lower register was IN TUNE! Thank you, Gina!!! Boring boring boring song choice. If we wanted to hear Celine, we would, ya know? [haven't heard the judges comments yet] Ok, Simon just said the same thing. She did well, but the really high note was strained. She hit it, but it was strained.

Lakisha - Whoo! The girl got NASHTY with her song. I had chills upon chills. I love her heart and passion. She is hungry for this. Nice. She may not win, but she will go on to be a star.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maybe I'm a little TOO into this, but here we go...

Ok, so it's at this point in the season when people start asking me my opinion. What season, you ask??? American Idol season, of course!!!! ;-) So, I will do my level best to blog after each performance show with my comments about the contestants... and maybe even the judges, audience, host, etc. Who knows??? Hey, this is just for fun so feel free to disagree. Just... if you do... keep it to yourself. Ha!

Rudy Cardenas – “Free Ride” I enjoy the upbeat songs at this point better than the ballads, so thanks Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Ok, but seriously his hip thrusts are killing me. His upper range is amazing, though.

Brandon – he’s actually ok. Not really one of my favorites for some reason, but I’m always glad when a backup singer can step out!

Sundance – He was an early favorite for me. But “Knights in White Satin”??? Come on! I think he’s going home based on this one performance. He’s a better singer than this.

Paul Kim – Started out terribly on “Careless Whisper”, and didn’t get much better. If his barefoot gimmick can get him some votes, he’ll be darn lucky. It just wasn’t good, dawg.

[side note – Paula looks horrible tonight! Bad hair… bad eye makeup.]

Chris Richards – I like him. However, he SERIOUSLY should’ve stood still if he wasn’t going to hold the mic at the beginning! Ok, I love “I Don’t Wanna Be” so he scores points with me for choosing that song.

[side note – Everyone seems so nervous tonight! The guys last year seemed a little more seasoned???]

Nick Pedro – I like this guy. I love the tone of his voice. Not the greatest stage presence… but he’s kinda a humble guy. He has some pitch problems, like just about every other guy that has performed tonight so far!

Blake Lewis – He is one of my favorites of all 24. I think he has a great voice, a great style, and he’s talented. He chose a Keane song, which fits his voice… but doesn’t necessarily transfer on the idol stage, ya know? But, who cares? He rocked. Reminds me of Maroon5's Adam Levine.

Sanjaya – ok, so he was much better than his sis. He needs a haircut. His smile is cute, and borderline creepy at the same time. Ha! I don’t know quite what to say about his performance. He can definitely sing. I was kinda bored… but his dynamics were good. Make sense?

Chris Sligh – Another one of my faves. Not just because of the humor-factor… although I would vote him into the top 3 just for the Hasslehoff comment alone. Great song choice – MUTE MATH!!! Good performace. Not flawless - his timing was a little off, but I forgive him.

Jarod Cotter – He seems to have a good personality. Boring song choice, and I hope it doesn’t hurt him. Definitely had some pitch problems – but when he didn’t he sang it well. Make sense?

AJ Tabaldo – He did really well with the upbeat song choice. A little boring… but not bad. He actually has a great soul voice and seemed at home on stage. He needs some help with his wardrobe, though.

Phil Stacey – Ok, the beginning was SCARY. I was seriously scared for him. But then when he kicked it in, he rocked. Great tone, great voice. (He must never do that mealy mouthed singing again.) Also, he is a pastor’s kid!!!! So yay, go Phil!

More on the ladies after their performances!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy V-Day to me!!!!

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. Ya know, if you need an actual OCCASION to love... then, what good is love? ;-) Alright, that's a little melodramatic, but then again so am I!

So last night, Aaron and I went to Green Hills mall to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for our Valentine's Day outing - we never go out on the 14th because it's just too darn crowded.
Anyway... after our dinner - which was fabulous - we went to the Apple store to look around. I have been longing for a macbook to have as my very own so I can play around with Garageband and record some of my music. I have been ok with the chances of that being very slim, however. Good things come to those who wait. Right?

A friend of mine recommended I get a macbook and keyboard (music, not computer) to get started with. I walked in to the store and got a little freaked out. This is a big step. Not just the money... but just knowing that something that I have alternately dreamed about and pushed aside in my mind was so tangible.

To make a long story short, my wonderfully sweet and caring husband INSISTED that I get the computer AND keyboard. We would've gotten the usb microphone but they were sold out. YAY!!!!! I was too tired last night to fool with it, and it has now been 12 hours and 33 minutes and I have yet to fire that baby up (I'm on the old computer now) and get going.

You know... I want to clarify that it's not like Aaron would never ALLOW me to get this. It's just that we like to think and act as realistically as possible in life. This has been a WANT, not a need... and with 3 small kids, there are plenty of needs to focus on without getting off-track with wants. And basically I always knew that once the kids got to a manageable age, I would start feeling the itch to make music again.

Oh, and here's another thing. I lead worship every Sunday and I love it more than anything. Because of the type of music that we do at Sumner Life, I usually end up feeling creatively satisfied, in addition to feeling like I've actually just worshipped the Lord. However, because that's the only musical/creative outlet I have right now, I have found myself getting into a rut. Lately I have been walking around the house singing... and everything sounds like I'm leading worship. There's nothing WRONG with that... I just want to keep more variety in my world. I grew up being able to sing any type of genre and I don't want to let that get too far away.

Well, I didn't mean to write this long. I'm just really excited!!!!!!