Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mom - Open Heart Surgery

You may or may not know but Mom had Quadruple Bypass Surgery on Friday, Dec 21st. I created one of those Caring Bridge websites because it's much easier to get info out that way. Her site is:

If you visit the site, be sure to sign her guestbook and let her know!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sumner Life Acoustic Showcase

On Sunday, we had the most wonderful service! Our friends Richie Scholl and Amy Stroup gave us a mini-concert... as well as myself and Jonathan Lee and Matt Underwood. Alex Jackson was soooo sweet to learn my songs and play percussion for me!!! It was so uplifting and ministering and fun and cool and wonderful. The unity and energy in the body of Christ was just uncontainable. If you weren't there then here is a little sample. Honestly, very little of the concert was filmed - so some of the best parts were left out - but this gives you a glimpse of how it was. :-)