Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm NOT Mace Windu!!!

Warning to those reading this who are sensitive to the word "Poop" - read no further.

For the rest of you, however, I have a funny story to share.

Aaron made the grievous error of "accidentally" throwing away the boys' favored Light-Sabers. If you know us at all or have read any of my recent blogs, you know this is not good. Not good at all. How does one accidentally throw away light-sabers? We won't get into that right now.

Anyway for about 2 days, I listened to Luke lament the unfairness of no longer having his beloved saber. Lincoln was only occasionally annoyed - basically when he wanted to whop Luke on the head with it - but Luke became fixated on the fact that the sabers were gone at the hand of his father.

No longer able to sustain the berating on Aaron's behalf any longer, I took the boys to pick out new light-sabers. Luke is a student of all 6 episodes and knows which color saber each character has, right down to the BASE of the saber. I mean, really, who notices things like that? My son, for sure.

As we entered the Star Wars aisle, I asked the boys what color they wanted. Lincoln immediately said "The purple one" I asked him which character had the purple one and Luke replied "Mace Windu!" A young boy walking through the aisle called out "Mace Windu rocks." Wow, who knew?

After securing the purple saber for Lincoln and the blue saber for Luke, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker (before he turned evil, mind you!), we continued on to finish our shopping. Of course, the boys flicked their sabers out and stood en garde. Luke said "I'm Anakin Skywalker and you are Mace Windu!"

Lincoln replied in a low, menacing tone "I'm NOT Mace Windu, I'm Poops Windu."

I was so caught off-guard that laughter erupted from me before I could catch myself. Lincoln seemed not to really notice or care. We continued on.

Later on in the quest for groceries, I heard Lincoln again say his name was Poops Windu. I decided to investigate a little.

Me: "Lincoln, why are you saying this?"
Linc: "Because I not Mace Windu."
Me: "You're not? Why not?"
Linc: "Because I'm Poops Windu."
Me: "Hmmm, I've never heard of Poops Windu."
Linc: "He's in EPISODE 7, mom. EPISODE 7. I can't be Mace Windu because I'm a little boy."

Ooookaaaay. My theory is that Poops Windu is Mace's son, who appears in Lincoln's imaginary episode 7. I'm too afraid to ask for confirmation.

I haven't really heard anything from Poops Windu today... which, you know, I'm ok with! Maybe he's already forgotten. :-)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ok, Jenni, this is for you!

My dear friend/sister-in-law Jenni wrote me the following email today:

Subject: I feel bad having to be the one to tell you this, but ......

Body: you haven't posted a blog in over a month and a half. There. Now, I've said it. Get busy.

I wrote back that I was surprised it had been that long.

She responded: June 17th. I'm just sayin'.

So, if you really want me to write that badly, you have to be willing to be IN the blog. Mwa ha ha ha. (that's an evil laugh, for those of you who might be confused or concerned)

Ok, on to more serious things. My kids go back to school in (now) less than a week! Where, oh where has the summer gone? I have thoroughly and completely enjoyed this summer with the kids. Last year, I was ready to be shipped off to the closest loony bin. But really, what good would that have done? They would've found me at the closest one.

But this summer, we found our sweet spot. 8, 6 and 4 is where it's at. They're cute. They're fun. They can dress themselves and (for the most part) they're potty-trained. We've had a blast.

The first part of the summer was just spent at the pool or hanging around the house. Abbey and I sat up late each night watching Phil of the Future on Disney and playing computer games. So much fun, that girl!

Shelby, Scott and the boys spent several weeks here and a miracle occurred the week of VBS. We were able to go out to eat every single night while other people cared for and fed our 5 children. Oh, and my son got saved and baptized. But back to eating out... No, just kidding! Yep, Luke gave his life to the Lord and followed that up with water baptism. He has taken it very seriously for a 6 yr old.

The last part of the Cavender visit, we ALL (Cavenders, Sherry/Mimi, Ryan & Jenni, and us) traveled to Gatlinburg and stayed in a beautiful cabin in the woods. We had SO much fun. We cooked - well, Scott was the grill-meister - we had fireworks and played in the outdoors. I will definitely be posting pictures soon - or I will come back sometime when it's not 12:30am and add pictures to this blog.

A cool thing has happened with Luke this summer. He has become obsessed with the Presidents. No, seriously. He can name nearly all of them. He can name some I didn't even KNOW were Presidents. And he has accumulated these little bits of trivia about them. He googles them and reads as much as he can and asks me the rest. He knows that James Madison was the shortest. FDR was the first ever shown on TV. Which means there has only been a total of 10 shown on TV. Yes, he counted. The list goes on. In addition to the Presidents, he is still pretty obsessed with Star Wars. All 6 episodes. In detail. He googles that, too. Gotta watch that kid.

Lincoln continues to be the comedian of the family. He is just stinkin' funny. And he knows it. He will tell you "I'm hilarious", which makes him slightly less funny. Or, it would - if he wasn't so cute. We have this little packet of cards of - you guessed it - the Presidents and he picked 3 of them and held them up and said "Look, Mom! The Jonas Brothers when they are older!" And he might be little, but he is tougher than a corn-cob. He looks deceivingly small.

Abbey has grown up more than Aaron or I either one want to admit. In so many ways. I see so much of both of us in her. She decided at some point in the summer (about the time Shelby got here!) that she was tired of hanging out with the kids while all the good conversation was with the adults. So, we obliged for the most part and let her partake in some grown-up conversation (censored, of course!). It was hard on here when he had to shoo her from the room so we could talk sometimes, and she didn't go willingly.

Oh! The last thing I will share before scooting off to bed. I don't know if I mentioned that we gave Buster and Bianca to the Bagwells, but we did - in April. The kids were so sad... and so were Aaron and I, to be honest. We just thought they would be happier somewhere where they could get some attention and be around other animals. Boy, were we wrong! While we appreciate Doug and Sue more than they will ever know - we missed our puppies! So, when I took the kids to KY for 2 weeks to visit mom and the gang, Aaron got the dogs back from the farm. They are thrilled to be back and we are thrilled to have them. They are such good dogs.

Ok, that's it, Jenni! I'm all talked out for tonight. YAWN. Off to bed! :-)