Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Idol Gives Back" and it's about time

Ok, so after raking in gobs and gobs of money, American Idol is finally using their power for good and not evil. Yay.

The quote of the night came from Simon. It was something to the effect of: "I can't believe that there are millions of people... some even kids... starving all over the world and even in LA" I know I misquoted that but that's about the jist of it. Where have you been, Simon? Tangled in your own chest hair? Oy.

And, we're off!

Chris starts us out much the same as he did last week - off tune a little and with a musician on stage with him. Thankfully 2 things happened. One, it wasn't the out of tune fiddle player from last week - my goodness! And two, once he stood up he got his breath support back, got in tune and gave a MUCH better performance. His runs were really good. If we could erase the first part of the song from our memory, I'd say the Chris of old was back!

Melinda - Ok, what can I honestly say about her? Vocally, she kicks everyone's butt because she is flawless. But... how can I say this?... flawless is not getting it for me right now. I didn't get the chills I was expecting from her tonight, and thought it was just a little boring. Sorry! Don't shoot me, millions of Melinda fans. I WILL say that she looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. Loving the extensions and makeup! Go, girl!

Blake - Are the judges on crack? I will admit - at the risk of being flogged - that I do NOT like the song "Imagine". That's right. HOWEVER... Blake sang it with emotion and COMPLETELY IN TUNE for heaven's sake! And... drumroll... he didn't OVERSING it, as most people feel they need to do with this song. Is this the twilight zone that Paula was the only judge that finally came around and said what needed to be said about this performance? It had meaning without theatrics. I loved it, despite the song selection. Nice job, Blake.

Lakisha - Oh, good Lord. Does this girl have the sense God gave a goose? I mean, seriously. Did she learn NOTHING from last week? You don't pick Fantasia's Idol winning song and try to recreate that moment! No, girl! I thought it was completely horrendous. I could barely listen. Granted, it was better than last week... but still not good. I'm sorry.

Phil - Phil is going country again... with a souful flare. I thought this was pretty darn good. He brought his own style to it instead of trying to do it JUST like Garth. He did drop out on some of his bottom notes, and it was a little boring for me... but for some reason I just really like Phil.

Ok, so Ryan sets Jordin up by saying she's next with a "Showstopper". That sealed her doom, right there.

Jordin decided to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" which reminds me of Honor Choir in High School with Ms. Frazier - Ahhhh, good memories. Now... let me just say that I think Jordin is a cutie and a sweetie and has a good voice. HOWEVER!!!!! If that was the performance of a lifetime... more specifically the best performance EVER on all 6 seasons of American Idol... then I need to just give it up. Have they gone mad? Besides her trusty goat-vibratto (that I mention EVERY week), she also had a shaky voice through the first half of the song. Her pitch was all over the place. She demolished the high note at the end. Almost every Kelly Clarkson performance from season one beat the snot out of this one. I still get chills when I think of Fantasia singing "Summertime" from THE FLOOR in season 3. I'm sure there was some Carrie Underwood song that caught my attention at the time - she can flat sing. And who can forget almost everything Chris Daughtry sang? But this, my friends, was NOT a great vocal. I'm sorry, it just wasn't. Even Aaron looked around from what he was doing and said "She's not doing too good, is she?" It occured to me that maybe she was emotional. Yes, it's hard to sing when you're emotional... especially when you're 17. But the best performance ever? Something is going on... why are they kissing her booty? Hmmm...

It's hard for me to rank them this week. I'm going to do my PERSONAL top 3 and bottom 3.

Top 3 - Melinda, Blake and Phil
Bottom 3 - Jordin, Chris, and Lakisha

(I really hope Blake doesn't get kicked off because next week is BONO week and it would be a travesty for him not to get to work with Bono! I'm just saying...)

Who SHOULD go home? Lakisha has got to go.
Who WILL PROBABLY go home? Chris
Who won't go home? Melinda and Jordin

It's a toss up, though.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yee-haw! American Idol goes Country!

I'm typing as I write tonight...

1) Phil sounds awesome... I wish he had a little more energy in his body. But, he really sounds really really great. Overall, a pretty good performance. I'm glad they put him first. Abbey was in the bathtub and could hear him and several times kept yelling "He sounds GOOD."

2) Jordin is up next. Martina gave her some great advice in telling her to plant her feet and sell the song with her facial expression. Man, did she take that advice to heart. She is selling it so far. Ok, she lost t a little when she went up to the chorus. This song is hard. What I like about Jordin this week is that somehow she got a lot of the goat-vibrato out of her voice and added some SMOKE. It did her well. I like that huskier sound in her voice. Keep that, Jordin!

Ah, there is Constantine and his smoldering look at the camera! Ahhhh, love it.

3) Sanjaya. Oh, my. He looks ridiculous. What is up with that hair. "Something to Talk About"????? Of all the songs he could do, he picked the most tired song in the world? Why, Sanjaya, why? For about 5 seconds last week, I actually wasn't repulsed by the fact that you were still in the competition. (When I wasn't looking at his scary facial hair) This week, he is PAINFUL to listen to!!! Argh! I'm in pain! My ears! My ears! If he beats Phil out this week, there is no justice in the world.

I love that Debbie Allen is cracking up at Simon's declaration that Sanjaya was horrendous. He was.

4) Lakisha is next. I'm shocked that she picked "Jesus, Take the Wheel" I bet Aaron 5 dollars that she would sing "In My Daughter's Eyes" Oh well. It definitely sounds different from her than Carrie. Not sure I like it. Oh, brother. She just got to the chorus. Disaster! The song is out of her range. She is not singing - she is screaming. You can barely even hear her for the band. They are overpowering her. I hated it. This could be her demise. She should've picked a different song.

5) I'm scared for Chris. He is starting out pretty shaky... and MY GOODNESS! The fiddle is so off-tune!!! Come on, American Idol. Get a real fiddle player. The whole song for Chris was OFF. His worst song pitch-wise to date. If America has any musical ear at all, it will be between Chris and Lakisha for the bottom 2. Oh, no! I forgot that Chris is from Virginia. He sends his condolences out to the victims and families at VT and he looks like he's going to cry. Awww, now I feel bad. He might've been having a hard time because of that. Well, maybe people will take that into consideration.

6) Melinda is looking hott tonight. She looks like someone trying to win American Idol tonight! She is getting sassy. Why on earth did I doubt for one second that Melinda would have trouble with Country Night? I liked this performance better than any of hers in recent weeks. Ha, Simon asked her to lose the look of surprise as he prepared to compliment her. She did well with the challenge.

Oh, I just love Blake. He's up next and he just mimed holstering a gun... and it looked cooler than any mime I've ever seen.

7) Blake is closing out the show with Tim McGraw. Hmmm. But what song? Ok, "When the Stars Go Blue". Never heard of it. It's not his best vocal ever... but I like that he put his "Blakeness" into it. He is definitely having some pitch problems with this song. I like his falsetto. he should do more in that range. He had trouble bringing it down from the falsetto, though. I liked the beginning a lot - the softness of it. He might've done more with that feel. I didn't care for the crescendo and the more upbeat parts seemed a little forced. I am a fan of crooner Blake. They should've put him in the #6 spot and had Melinda close out the show. My opinion.

Here is my ranking for tonight! (The top 3 were verrry close in my mind.)

1) Phil
2) Melinda
3) Jordin
4) Blake
5, 6, & 7) Chris, Lakisha & Sanjaya - They all stunk as far as I am concerned.

Seriously, I don't care how much Sanjaya's fans love him. He stunk. No gimmick could mask it. Last week, he was tolerable... even OK. This was just ridiculously bad singing.

Who should go home? Sanjaya. Who will? Chris

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I think I am going to have to eat a little crow. After getting so much flack about Chris, I went back and listened to his performance again. It seems that the first time I watched it, I caught the first line... and the last 30 seconds, thanks to my husband walking in and starting a conversation with me. After going back and listening to the entire song, I can see where people thought it was pitchy. It indeed was in places. Now, I thought the ending rocked... and I like him. But if I had it to do over again, I'd probably rank him 5th or 6th.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Latin Night on Idol

Ryan starts out the night with the quip "American Idol - the show that YOU control." Yeah, right. We all know the producers manipulate the votes however they want. The man doth protest too much, methinks.


I have to admit that I was expecting Jennifer Lopez to be completely useless, but she wasn't too bad. Maybe I'm going soft, but I thought she was really cute and sweet. She is a better actress than a singer, that's for sure.

Melinda started us off with "Sway". I'm very frustrated with Melinda. Come on. Give us something. I really was hoping for something contemporary. Her dress and hair weren't Latin at all, and she has a stylist and hair girl. And I swear I thought I was watching a 50 yr old Chita Rivera, except not as exciting. Bo-ring. But, she has her fans and she's staying put. At least I think...

Lakisha was next with "Conga." I gotta tell you, I picked Lakisha to be in the bottom 3 PRIOR to the show. I just feel like her time is drawing to a close. She never takes the advice of the mentors, and she has been boring me to tears. Wait... did I see some eyebrow movement from Lakisha this week? Has she been reading my blog? Ha! I honestly thought she was a bit awkward and the song is soooo tired. Of course, she didn't sing bad. She never does. Observation: I don't think Paula likes Kiki.

Chris was one of my original favorites, but has been letting me down lately. Tonight, he did NOT disappoint. I thought his performance was one of his best. And ok, J-Lo had something useful to contribute by suggesting he change the key. Yay. The song really showed off his range and was great for his voice. It was the Chris R of old. "Smooth"? Oh yes, it was smoooth. Me likey.

Haley. Haley, Haley, Haley. Simon said what everyone was thinking. "I think you have a very good tactic at the moment, Haley: Wear the least amount of clothes as possible." It's the only thing keeping her in this competition. Her little kick of the heel as she walks move is getting old. It's the third week she has used that move. If I'm being honest, Haley doesn't have the worst voice and I actually think she has improved over the weeks. She used to really lose it at the end of every song when she would try to improvise. However, I do not LIKE her voice. It's so Ethel Merman. There's no place for that in pop music today. I really really really want her to go home. On a totally shallow note, her makeup was not flattering.

Phil is wearing a hat! He has a hat on for J-Lo and a hat in his performance. I was really hoping he would do some Jon Secada, but instead he did Santana - and I love Santana. Phil sounded amazing on this song - even with the enormous crack at the end. Big deal. He handled it. What bugged me was that he didn't get "nasty" enough with it. I wanted to see him get down and dirty with it. He sounded good, but played it too safe and nice. Ah, I'm voting for him anyway because I want Haley to GO HOME.

Jordin looked beautiful tonight. She's gorgeous. But WHY oh WHY did she pick this God-awful song? It did not fare well for her voice, in my opinion. I was ready for her to bust it out tonight. She had the weird goat-vibratto going on again. And there were a few pitchy places... but she's 17, she's adorable, she had fun... so who am I to complain? I like her.

[Paula seriously acts like she took one too many pills tonight. She's. So. Lethargic.]

Blake. Oh, Blake. I would SO buy his cd right now. He is such a breath of fresh air - for this show, if for nothing else. Great song - "I Need to Know" - perfect for him. Great performance. He remains interesting week after week and has proven himself to be a star. Thank God he didn't moonwalk. Again, me likey.

Sanjaya - I can't believe I'm going to say this... but Sanjaya wasn't bad tonight. I actually wouldn't have minded it if he didn't have that gross facial hair going on. That just creeps me out. But vocally, it was actually nice. I have to agree with Randy that Sanjaya is one smart cookie. He played the gimmick long enough to get people's attention and get a following. Tonight, he changed it up and stayed put and sang. Brillliant. He knows how to get people talking around the water cooler, you have to admit that. I'm not a fan, but I will give him his props for tonight.

Hang on to your pants. I'm going to rank tonight's performances based on what I THINK and what I think only. I'm not dumb enough to think that this is the way America will vote.

1) Chris R.
2) Blake
3) Phil
4) Sanjaya
5) Melinda (yes, you read that right)
6) Lakisha
7) Jordin
8) Haley

In my opinion, Lakisha, Jordin, and Haley had the 3 worst songs. For that alone, they deserve to be in the bottom 3. But beyond that, I didn't think their performances were anything spectacular, either.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who will butcher Tony Bennett???

Let the games begin... Good God, could we start with Simon buttoning his shirt? My eyes! My eyes!

Blake - "Mack the Knife" Soft Gangster, Mr. Bennett? Ok, moving on. I KNEW Blake would do well with this genre. He is a crooner at heart. I'm liking the attire. Bravo!!! He tore it up. He seriously, totally, completely rocked it out. Pitch problems, Randy? Shut up. "Hip cat" said Paula. I'll buy that. 7 out of 10, Simon? From you, alright. He did better with the #1 spot than anyone has in quite a few weeks. Nice.

Phil - "Night and Day" Is Phil growing his hair out? Wouldn't this have been the perfect night for Phil to wear a hat? Ok, I'm done talking about Phil's head. Wow, I really think he sounds nice on this! I'm surprised, because I thought he would maybe not do as well with this. There were a few spots where he could've done a little more umph and kept the pitch a little more steady...

Melinda - "I've Got Rhythym" [sarcasm alert] Mr. Bennett said Melinda was the best singer all day... and Melinda was SHOCKED. Wow. She's never heard anything like that. Ok, on to the singing. Quite possibly the BEST singing EVER in the American Idol competition, all 6 seasons. Seriously. [Oh, Simon, PLEASE button up your shirt. Gag.] I predicted that Melinda would clean house tonight, and she does not disappoint.

[May I just interject how fun it is to watch this show with my dear friends/family Shelby, Scott, and Sherry!!!!]

Chris - "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" He starts out dancing - and it looks cool. Instead of staying true to the genre, Chris is trying to put his own spin on it. Bottom line, he is way out of his league. Randy, are you on crack tonight? Paula, I know you are. Compared to Blake and Melinda, he wasn't even close. The judges liked it. I agree that it was pretty entertaining - his voice is just not smooth enough for this genre, in my very humble opinion. Chris has been one of my faves from the beginning, but I am running on fumes in the compliment department with him. His voice sounded tired.

Jordin - "On a Clear Day" I had predicted that Jordin would do well with Mr. Bennett tonight, but I didn't think she sounded that great. The beginning of the song was not that great.... but then she got cooking. When she sings the word "Clear" she pinches the sound and gets a funky vibrato thing going on. The middle of the song was by far the shining part. The beginning and end were not the be all and end all for me. But that's just me. I'm aware that there are gobs of Jordin fans out there. She's not going anywhere.

Gina - "Smile" Wah! Tony Bennett is making me cry. He is so sweet... and he reminds me of my daddy. I had very little hope for Gina being able to pull this genre off is she had tried to adapt it to her rocker-self. But, she sang her butt off and showed emotion and was great. I didn't care for her look. The braided hair was distracting to me. Last week was the pinnacle for Gina, but this week was good vocally, too.

Sanjaya - More than ever, this little boy is weirding me out. This week was worse than the pony-hawk for me. EWW! I'm sorry, but the weird stubble and slicked-back hair is just down-right creepy. Ok, did I just see what I think I saw? After Simon patronizingly said "Incredible", the little boy responded with "Welcome to the universe of Sanjaya!" Oh yes he did. I ran it back and watched it again to be sure. One quick thought about his singing before moving on. Honestly, if Sanjaya would STAND STILL and sing, he wouldn't be half-bad. He was so out of tune throughout most of the song ot was pathetic. He could even get the hook line of the song - "Heaven" right. Just stand still and sing.

Haley - "Ain't Misbehaving" As she has done in the past, Haley started out singing well. I actually thought she sang the best ever... for her. But, who in the crud can get past her cleavage and hemline??? Get some clothes on, girl. I am just OFFENDED that she would pull the T&A stunt week after week and subject us to her sleaziness. And how much longer will America fall for it? I can't believe the judges had so little to say about her. That was just weird.

Lakisha - "Stormy Weather" Now, that was awesome. I had become quite bored with Lakisha's performances. She is awesome, but was just playing it safe. This week, she got back to the Kiki we all love. Sassy is right. Kudos for the dress and chocolate lipstick. Loved it.

Here is my gut-level reaction for this week:

1) Melinda - if she ever deserved 1st place, it's this week
2) Blake - I was a fan before, but now I'm a believer
3) Lakisha - Mama hit a home run
4) Haley - yes, that's right... if I closed my eyes, she didn't sound bad
5) Gina - again, if I closed my eyes, she was really good
6) Jordin - the middle of the song saved her from being in my bottom 3
7) Phil - pleasantly surprised, but still bottom 3 this week from me
8) Chris - not the best vocals, but an "A" for effort
9) Sanjaya - there are no words. Just BAD. Reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Who SHOULD go home? I have no qualms saying "the universe that is Sanjaya" should spontaneously combust.

Who will probably go home? Phil or Gina. I hate to see Phil go and I hope he doesn't, but he just might.