Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm not an accident-prone person, really I'm not. And after giving birth to 3 babies, I'd like to think I'm a pretty tough gal. But what I experienced today turned me into a blubbering cry-baby!

So, here's the deal: I was bringing 2 baskets of dirty clothes down from the upstairs to the laundry area. I was SUPER-careful while going down the stairs with the baskets. Once I hit the bottom floor, however, I turned toward the kitchen area and picked up the pace. To my right in the area going from my dining room to my kitchen is a wall with a chair-rail.

Exhibit A:(Notice I broke part of the chair-rail!)


I apparently did not leave myself enough room on that side and I hit that corner with the tip of my pinky to where it got wedged between the rubbermaid laundry basket and the edge of the chair-rail. I hit hard enough that it bounced me backward.

I dropped the laundry and grabbed my hand and started pacing back and forth. People, I'm being serious when I say that I momentarily lost my breath. I was afraid to look at my finger because in my mind, the pain was the equivalent to my pinky being ripped off. Seriously.

With what little breath I had left, I yelled for Abbey - my sweet, smart baby girl! She ran down and saw me holding my hand up to my chest and thought I was having a heart-attack!!! My poor baby was so scared! She ran around trying to find the phone and I told her to call Aaron and tell him I broke my finger and to come home. I wanted him to look at it for me, because I was too scared to.

Abbey handled it like a pro. All three kids began to cry and I finally looked at my finger. Ah, it was still in tact! But, bloodied. At first glance, I saw that my fingernail had been ripped away from the nail bed from the inside corner to about halfway across my nail. Yuck, I know.

Within what seemed like seconds, my mother-in-law appeared at our door - Aaron had called her because she was closer! She helped to calm the kids down and I tried to run cold water over my finger, which really hurt the nail bed which was exposed!

This happened 5 hours ago and my finger is still throbbing to beat the band. I can bend it, so if anything is actually broken, it's at the very tip. I don't even know if that's possible, but if it is then I'm sure that's what has happened.

Here is a picture of what my non-injured pinky looks like:


And here are some pictures of my injured pinky:


It looks like my thumb!!!


So, I'm gonna live. Of course, I WAS going to audition for America's Got Talent next week and play piano and sing... and that is in serious doubt at this point. Man, I really wanted to meet "The Hoff", too. ;-)