Sunday, November 09, 2008

Things I'm thankful for on November 9th, 2008

Today I am thankful...

That my Mother-in-law kept my 3 kids last night so Aaron and I could prepare for church.

That we had an AWESOME church service today!!! Thank you, God, for consistently blessing us!

For teamwork in worship today.

That people liked my curly locks, even though I wasn't sure I did... ha!

That Lincoln wasn't hurt any worse than he was after church today. Poor baby fell HARD and cut a gash in the frenulum inside his upper lip. He might need stitches tomorrow, but we've learned to just be thankful this child is alive!!!

Cheryl Linz, for telling me what that thing is called in between his upper lip and gum!!! (frenulum)

Hollie Robinson, for taking over when Lincoln had blood everywhere because I freaked completely out and was useless. And Ann Watson for getting him ice.

That I hear a little birdie outside my window right now - aw, it sounds so sweet, even though I don't care for birds.

That my husband can PREACH.

That overcast skies make great photoshoots - especially when shooting my favorite Aussie neighbors!

That in the midst of a really busy day, I was able to get all of my errands done and my soup on the stove so that I can relax for just a few minutes before those crazy young adults get to my house. Love you!!!!

For all of the neat, new people that I have been visiting our church lately!

I am thinking thankful thoughts today!

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Maci said...

Aw, Poor little Linc... =) I'm thankful for CIL!! Every time I walk into those doors, I am so thankful for an amazing Pastor to preach Gods word and for an amazing Pastors wife that can belt out an amazing tune... =) I love the Allison Family.

(before this comment goes through I have to type the word verification, and it's extrac..?? where do they come up with this stuff?)