Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where's my Light-Saber?

***Truly, I did not mean for funny stories of my kids to take over this blog... even though that's kind of why I created it. I had planned on writing some deep stuff on occasion. Alas, the kids win.***

Ok, this may take the cake for Funny Things Said in the Allison Household this week.

As I was cleaning the boys' room just now, the 3 kids were watching a movie on Abbey's bed. (What's wrong with this picture, I ask you?) Suddenly, I heard a blood-curdling scream, and in ran Lincoln, crying and holding his face.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Lukie hurt my face" he said.

I scooped him into my arms and tried to console him. I knew he was very tired and was basically waiting for me to finish vacuuming so he could go to bed.

He sat in my arms in great distress for a few moments before he said, in reluctant exasperation:

"I gotta find my light-saber and go destroy him."

Dramatic pause.

"What did you just say?"

He started wearily trying to get up out of my lap and in a look-what-he-made-me-do-now-attitude he said again "I have to find my light-saber and go destroy him."

I burst out laughing.

He wiped the tears from his face, put his hand on my mouth, looked me dead in the eye and said "That's not very funny."

Oh, yes, Lincoln. Yes, it is.

[As I was writing this, Abbey came down to tell me goodnight and started reading what I had written. She looked up at me with indignation. "Console him? Seriously?" I looked at her, puzzled at what her problem was with me saying that. "I don't even know what that word means... but seriously?" "Great" I said, "Now I'm going to have to add THAT to my blog."]

Speaking of Abbey... last week we were watching Nashville Star and it was showing the audition process and all the different types of people who try to make it through. It started showing various military men and Abbey got really emotional when one didn't make it through. Abbey said "Oh, I feel so sorry for the soldiers who DON'T make it – it must be heartbreaking. I mean, they just came from a heartbreaking war and then come back HERE and get their heart broken!" This was said with much angst and drama.

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Stevenbspeaks said...

Did I miss it or did Lincoln zap Lukie with the light saber? Is anybody destroyed there?